Fire Features

In the process of creating your outdoor living space, we have many options that can take it from great to jaw-dropping. If you interested in adding dramatic effect, Integrity Pools has got you covered. While brainstorming with our design team, you’ll be able to take a look at all of the grand effects that we can add to your pool. Ranging from classic water elements to fire tables and luxurious landscaping, there are a wide variety of add-ons that will kick your pool design up a notch.

Since your swimming pool and/or spa is guaranteed to already be a grand water feature in and of itself, let’s talk about adding some real contrast to your back yard with some of our fire elements. Adding a fire feature near, in or surrounding your new pool is a fantastic way to pump up the wow factor! A fire feature is a sure attention grabber, and everyone who visits your pool will be awed.

As you should be, you are probably concerned about the safety of a fire feature. Here at Integrity Pools, we only use the absolute highest quality materials when installing and creating fire elements. All of our decorative fire features will stand up to all weather conditions, including high heat, rain, snow, ice and heavy wind. You’d be surprised at how well our fire features actually perform under extreme conditions as well! We take your safety very seriously; rest assured that your fire features will be safe when installed by us.

All of the parts we use to build your fire features have been factory tested and approved for residential and commercial use. Some fire features we can build include:

  • Linear inserts - Create interesting visual lines around your pool area with beautiful linear fires. More work of art than fire pit, our linear inserts can be made in virtually any custom size and a variety of shapes.
  • Fire Bowls  - These make great accent pieces around the perimeter of your pool. They can also be combined with water features to create a fire/water element. Our fire bowls are made of highly durable concrete or copper.
  • Fire pits  - Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire pit with friends and family? A custom made fire pit will enhance your outdoor living area and give guests an inspiring place to sit and enjoy themselves.
  • Fire tables - Exactly as it sounds, this element combines table top space with a fire element in the center for added interest.
  • Tiki torches - With many different designs, our tiki torches are an easy and affordable way to add fire and light into your back yard scene.
  • Rock/fire inserts - We can give you a natural looking fire feature by incorporating it inside real or artificial rocks that surround your pool scape.
  • Wall fire torches - In addition to any traditional outdoor lighting you may have, fire torches are enclosed in glass and can lend beautiful, flickering light across your new outdoor oasis.

Ask Integrity Pools about adding a breathtaking fire feature to your custom made swimming pool!