Our Weekly Pool Service Plans

Integrity Pools specializes in helping our customers keep their pools looking and functioning great for many years after installation. We understand just how time consuming it is to properly care for a swimming pool so that the PH and other pool elements stay in balance. Without devoting substantial time to maintaining the quality of your pool’s water, you can very quickly end up with a pool of sludge – and no one wants to swim in that.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to not having enough time to give your pool the kind of care it needs. Integrity Pools is a Dallas pool service that offers our clients a weekly pool maintenance plan! We take great pride in our many customers’ gleaming, sparkling pools as evidence of our dedicated handiwork and commitment.

Furthermore, please know that we’ve seen it all. No matter what condition your pool is in currently – it will not frighten us or deter us. In fact, we guarantee that we can take even the murkiest pool water and turn it sparkling clear within a very short time period.