Water Features

Designing your own custom backyard pool is one of the most exciting adventures and takes skilled and experienced pool builders. Knowing you have the ability to cool off in your very own swimming pool at a moment’s notice is probably one of the most refreshing thoughts any Texas resident can have. By working with Integrity Pool Builders, your pool project will end with exactly what you are looking for. Some customers are interested in a very basic, classic swimming pool design, while others are looking to add all of the bells and whistles possible. Luckily, our design team can do virtually anything your heart desires!

For those of our customers who are interested in more than just a basic swimming pool design, there are many features available that can add a multitude of dimensions to your back yard. Talk to our designers about the wide variety of water and fire features that can be added to your custom pool design to give your final product the “wow factor.” By combining some water and fire features with custom pool shapes, materials, colors and landscaping, your pool is sure to be the only one of its kind.

The concept of ‘water features’ may sound odd at first. Isn’t the pool itself the be-all end-all of water features? Indeed, your custom-built swimming pool is bound to be unique on its own, but by adding some extravagances, it can jump from unique to incredible!

Take a look at just some of the water features Integrity Pools can add to your pool design:

  • Waterfalls An easy way to add some visual interest to any type of pool design is by adding a waterfall. When placed over natural, craggy rocks, waterfalls create a feeling of being one with nature. However, waterfalls are often used in contemporary pool styles as well, and can be more sleek for a modern feel.
  • Deck jets Streams of water that shoot out of tiny ports in your pool decking and into the pool are called deck jets. This feature will give your pool a fun appeal that can transform into simple elegance when backlit at night.
  • Bubblers A fun way to add interest to the shallow area of your pool is by adding bubblers. These splashing centerpieces make great entries into your pool and also create endless fun for children.
  • Bars While you may not have thought of a swim up bar as a water feature, by adding built in stone or tiled stools that surround a connected bar area, you’ve just made it possible to drink and eat lunch without getting out of the pool!
  • Grottos These are formed by either natural or man-made boulders, creating a cave surrounded by falling water for a sense of privacy and romance.
  • Scuppers Also sometimes referred to as sheer descents, this water feature drops off a sleek area of rock, creating a straight sheet of water that falls into your pool. Scuppers lend a majestic and classic look to any swimming pool design.

Talk to our design team today about creating the custom pool design of your dreams!