Weekly Pool Maintenance

The importance of regular maintenance of your swimming pool cannot be stressed enough. If you want your pool to remain clear and safe for swimming, it’s crucial that your pool water is analyzed, balanced and cleaned often. Because we realize that many of our clients are busy with work and other commitments, Integrity Pools will maintain your pool for you!

Rather than letting your swimming pool stress you out or overwhelm you, set up a weekly maintenance plan with us. Even if your pool was installed by a different Dallas pool service, we are happy to meet with you and give you a complimentary 15 minute assessment of how we can help take the stress out of pool maintenance for you.

Don’t worry if your pool is in bad shape right now. We aren’t scared off by a pool that isn’t the right color – even if your pool water is black! We’ve made it a priority at Integrity Pools to turn murky pools into crystal clear miracles. So, don’t let your fear or embarrassment hold you back from asking us for help.

On the other hand, if you have a perfectly clear pool with equipment that is functioning at 100% but just don’t want to invest time into keeping it looking good, you should still call us! We can also take care of overly loud equipment, malfunctioning pumps, leaks, clogged skimmers, broken heaters, non-working timers, blown lights and more!

We guarantee our customers that they will be 100% satisfied with our maintenance service. If you, for any reason, are not fully satisfied with our weekly cleaning or service of your pool, we will be back to your house to do it all over again! We’d like to stress that we do not charge our customers for this additional visit because we feel that it should’ve been done to your satisfaction the first time.

Do you need quick service? We try our very hardest to accommodate any and all schedule requirements or requests that you may have. We can almost always complete your pool maintenance on the same day of the week, every week. If we are ever unable to complete maintenance on the regular day, we’ll definitely be there the following day.

Clear and responsive communication is very important to us at Integrity Pools. We make it a priority to communicate with and respond to our customers in a very timely manner. Additionally, we have the word ‘integrity’ right there in our name. We’ll never try to overcharge you for pool parts or equipment. Nor will we ever make any repairs without speaking to you first.

Do you want honest weekly maintenance by one of the most highly revered Dallas pool companies? If you’re looking for a service that won’t stress you out and leaves you with a gleaming swimming pool, rest assured that we are the company to call. Remember that we offer a free estimate that obligates you in NO way to sign up for our maintenance service!